Wednesday, 22 August 2007

My New Home

'Home sweet home'.
Everyone in this whole wide world wouldwant to own a home. Some want to own a bangalow. Some want to own a semi-d, a terrace house and some are satisfied by just staying in a small long as they have a roof over their heads and also a place called HOME.

My hubby and I have just bought a house here in Klang. It is very nearby our work places, our daughter's school, TESCO, GIANT, and Jaya Jusco. (shoppers' heaven). It's not big but we really love it. My children love the new house too. Because...the children's playground is just backdoor.(a few steps from the house...) They open the kitchen's door and there it is. Beckoning them to come out and play.

The house is ready. We've gotten the keys and we've started installing all the electrical stuffs and building the kitchen cabinets. However, we still cannot move in as planned (during the August school holidays) because none of our neighbours are going to move in until after hari raya. Nevertheless, everyday we would go to the house just to look at it, walk inside it and just 'drool' over it.(if only you could see our saliva drooling out of our mouths).

My children would always pester my husband and I to take them to the playground where they will play for one hour or until they feel tired. Sometimes my neighbours to be would join us too.

How I wish that I am already staying in my new house so that I am saved from having to pay for two houses; the house I am renting now and the one I have already bought. Just imagine all the bills I have to pay. But, due to safety, I have to be patient...and wait a little longer...(sigh)