Sunday, 5 October 2008

Raya 2008

The girls in their baju kurung and tudung raya

Raya this year was mostly felt by the children. They couldn't wait to put on their raya clothes and shoes. I'd bought for them necklaces and bracelets each. Even their maktok gave them costume jewelleries ; necklace and bracelet for Alya, bangles for Aina and Auni....they were overjoyed at getting them :). I also bought 'tudung' for the three of them. They looked so cute wearing them.

The two younger ones trying on their new 'tudungs'

Besides new clothes for the children, what I like about raya is the food cooked by 'mak bonda'. For this yar's raya, mak bonda of course cooked her famous 'ketupat palas and rendang' (yummy). She also cooked 'soto' which was really delicious....but it was not actually cooked by sister's maid did the cooking. Anyway, it was delicious.
Then, duit raya...the kids got quite a lot. Their tokabah gave them quite a huge sum. As for me, I was the one who gave duit raya to ayahanda and bonda....not forgetting my nephews, niece and daughters! Anyway, it's good to 'sedekah' some to our loved ones :).
Not only did we celebrate raya going to and fro ampang and klang...but we also went for a two day holiday to De Palma. The kids were excited. However, they didn't get the chance to try the swimming pool because it was raining for the two whole days we were there. Yet, it was still a memorable raya for all of us.

The girls at De Palma