Saturday, 9 February 2008

Aina's Birthday

Aina's birthday falls on 13th February every year. So, this year for her 5th birthday, we decided to celebrate it together with her cousin, Amaaney who would turn 2 on the 11th February. Therefore, my sister (amaaney's mom) and I decided to share the birthday cake which was a yummy, 1/2 kg, marble cheese cake. It's really tummy tickling.

We placed seven candles on it and sang a heartiest and joyful birthday song for the two little angels. When it's time for candle blowing,however, the eldest of the two, huff and puff and blew the candles down, leaving the two year old to only stare down at the cake wondering where all the fire had gone to (poor little thing). Maybe, next year, if we decide to have a combined celebration again, we might just have to get two cakes instead.

Alya's Birthday

My eldest daughter, Alya, had celebrated her 9th birthday on 14th January 2008. We deciced to celebrate her birthday earlier, on a Sunday as her birthday fell on a school day. So, we brought the whole family to Jaya Jusco. We had the birthday lunch at Deli Rich Cafe there. We certainly had loads of fun. Everyone had a BIG lunch that filled up the tummies for the whole day (but in the video that is attached, the focus however was not the birthday was on the birthday girl's little sister though....hmmmm....that's dear abah's doing).

Friday, 8 February 2008


My family trip to Putrajaya. The kids were exposed to the modern structured buildings there. However though, only my eldest understood.

MISA (Malaysian International Space Adventure)- WOW!
It was held in Putrajaya. We were mesmerized by the space exhibition. The knowledge gained was priceless. We really had FUN in the 4D theatre. Even my 5 year old had some fun there eventhough she still couldn't understand what space is.

Blue sky, a beach without water, very strong wind...oh well that is Morib.
The kids were rather disappointed because they couldn't build sand castles nor take a awim in the sea. However, they still had a gall time fighting to move against the wind and chasing bubbles. (there was a family who blew bubbles and my kids chased after them)

A trip to 'disneyland' in jaya jusco. The kids really felt like they were in Disneyland. We enjoyed looking at all the disney princesses' statues.

Thursday, 7 February 2008


In our modern world nowadays, we do need maids, helpers and of course babysitters for our children. Having maids do lessen our burden BUT they too add up to our headaches.
In my case, my maid or if I put it in a nicer way, helper, do lessen alot of my burden; clean the house, cook, attend to the children especially my two younger kids who can really get on my nerves at times. But at other times, she does give me HEADACHES.. For example, the other day, we had our Chinese Year holidays for four days. I didn't have any idea that she wanted to go on leave. So, as a boss, I just couldn't be bothered to offer her one. However so, I noticed that for two consecutive days, she had been putting on a long and sour face every time she saw me. At seeing that, I got very irritsted. Whenever I called her, she refused to answer me. This went on for two days until on my eldest told me that actually 'bibik' wanted to go on leave bt mama didn't allow her. With all the irritation and anger building up inside me, I called her to come and see me in private. (we were at my mom's place.anyway, i didn't want to make a scene in front of everybody else.)
My confrontation began. She expected me to be able to read her thoughts and knew what she wanted. Wow! In that case, I really have to be one of the heroes in the series Heroes at the Starworld Channel to be able to read people's thoughts. Or I should just be like Sylar....hmmmmmm. To make the atory short, as a good boss (not to say i am), I finally agreed to allow her to go on a seven-hour leave on the third day of the Chinese New Year holiday. I made her promise to go and return at the time we had agreed on. Maybe you can say that we had a 'spit an'd shake' agreement.(i'm not sure about the term. but it's an agreement where both of you spit and shake hands over it).
Well, eventhough we had finally reached an understanding (???) over a small matter but still having to deal with maids is sooo troublesome. Sometimes, I do wish that I do not need a helper. But yet, in reality, I do. Therefore, I need to have more patience and tolerance too.