Friday, 21 December 2007


Home...i've been without a 'steady' home for quite some time these past few months. All these were due to the four foul bad robbbers who broke into my home at the beginning of the fasting month. I really hope those robbers would rot in hell!!! But now i am much happier and safer. I am now a happy human being who feels alot safer. There are people staying above, under, next and opposite my house now. I don't have to worry very much about my family's safety anymore. As for my wonderful new house which was broken into and damaged (a little), i still go and check on it from to time. I have to because it's costing me almost half of my monthly salary!!!
Anyway, wherever we are, as long as we are together with our loved ones, the place can be called HOME.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Oh! My Big Feet!

I have a special fondness for shoes. I love shoes but my big feet restrain me from buying shoes of my liking.
When I was small, my father would choose and buy me my shoes.He would choose shoes that had girlish looks. Then, when I grew older and bigger, my father did not only choose and buy my shoes, but he would even try on the shoes for me! We wore the same size. (even now! we still wear the same shoe size except that he wears men shoes and I, the women's, of course!)

The other day, I went shoe shopping. There are sales every where now. Since I am now wearing larger sizes shoes, I thought I'd try my luck shopping for branded shoes at lower prices.(my feet only accept branded and classy footwear...hmmmmm...'kaki orang kayala...) So, I started my shoe rendezvous. I went to JJ first, since it is the nearest shopping 'heaven' to my house. I went to several shoe outlets. Finally, my eyes were set on a pair of Crocodile sandals. I asked for my number 9 size and tried them on. Oh gosh! They were too high for me. I wobbled when I walked and I felt like I was a giant on high heels! Sadly I returned the pair of sandals to the sales boy who was trying to refrain his laughter.

I continued my search for my 'Cinderella' shoes. I went around and again my eyes caught sight of a pair of Sembonia shoes. Wow! It struck me that I would definitely look 'gorgeous' wearing them. Without thinking twice, I picked them up and saw that they were my size 40. Quickly I tried them on and they fit me beautifully. I was admiring them on my feet when suddenly dear hubby came into view. "Putihla. Tak cantik." (They're white. They are not pretty at all) My heart felt 2 kilos heavy. Reluctantly I put my beautiful shoes back on the shoe rack and walked away. Well, I guess I'm the type of person who listen to others' opinion and accept them!

Finally, with almost fading hopes, I spotted another pair of shoes which were not as grand as the other two previous ones. Quickly, without hubby bothering, I asked for my size, tried them on and paid for them. I finally bought a pair of shoes which I like and I feel satisfied with. They fit snugly on my two big feet.

That ends my shoe rendezvous for this year. I hope. Maybe if there's another big sale before the year ends, I might scout around for another pair of shoes; an Alain Delon or a Bonia this time. Only time will tell. Who knows...

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

My New Home

'Home sweet home'.
Everyone in this whole wide world wouldwant to own a home. Some want to own a bangalow. Some want to own a semi-d, a terrace house and some are satisfied by just staying in a small long as they have a roof over their heads and also a place called HOME.

My hubby and I have just bought a house here in Klang. It is very nearby our work places, our daughter's school, TESCO, GIANT, and Jaya Jusco. (shoppers' heaven). It's not big but we really love it. My children love the new house too. Because...the children's playground is just backdoor.(a few steps from the house...) They open the kitchen's door and there it is. Beckoning them to come out and play.

The house is ready. We've gotten the keys and we've started installing all the electrical stuffs and building the kitchen cabinets. However, we still cannot move in as planned (during the August school holidays) because none of our neighbours are going to move in until after hari raya. Nevertheless, everyday we would go to the house just to look at it, walk inside it and just 'drool' over it.(if only you could see our saliva drooling out of our mouths).

My children would always pester my husband and I to take them to the playground where they will play for one hour or until they feel tired. Sometimes my neighbours to be would join us too.

How I wish that I am already staying in my new house so that I am saved from having to pay for two houses; the house I am renting now and the one I have already bought. Just imagine all the bills I have to pay. But, due to safety, I have to be patient...and wait a little longer...(sigh)

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Am I Happy?

I am a simple person who wants only the simplest things in life. At the moment I am happy with my life; i have a wonderful and caring husband, three cute and most wonderful children, my loving parents (who still nag me about my appearance from time to time) and not to forget my beloved sisters. I also have a job that i like very much. But, at present, i don't really enjoy working. Hmmm...i wonder why?...

I am working in the education field which was once an occupation whereby many people wanted to be apart of. It seems that being an educator nowadays is more challenging than 50 years ago. Ahhh...that reminds me...we are celebrating our 50th year of independence this year. MERDEKA!!!(7X). In the modern era, teachers are no longer respected. Teachers can no longer discipline kids without being complained or even sued by parents (ofcourse) Not only that, if teachers tried to educate the students, and the students don't like it... teachers will get threats...nanti cikgu, you jaga haaa...

Back in my father's days (the 1950s and 60s), teachers were 'worshipped'. Parents gave 'green lights' to the teachers to do anything to their children as long as they would turn out to be 'orang'. My father used to tell me that whenever he played truant in school, he would be caned and punished. However bad the punishments were, he never dared to tell my grandmother. Why? It's because he knew that my grandmother would never take his side. Instead, he would be given more punishment.

Nowadays, we don't get that kind of 'respect' from both students and parents. Teachers are reminded not to do anything not even the mildest punishments to the pupils. Teachers can only sit and watch the students fall into the deepest pits and dig their own graves. It is so sad but yet true. If students do not want to listen or learn in class, just let them be. If students sleep in class, let them be. If students speak using vulgar words, let them be. If students, play truant (skip classes or even school), just let them be.

How i wish that things were when i first stepped foot into the education line...i was respected and appreciated by my students... i used to get 'rambutans' during the fruits season...i used to get 'thank yous' for the tiniest deeds that i performed... i used to get gifts (from cloth right down to a toothbrush) for teachers' day. If only i could go back to those days, i would...

Am i happy? Yes, for certain things in life but not in others...being a teacher who is no longer appreciated...

My little darlings


When we use the word darlings, it can always mean anything, ranging from things to animals and also people. But I am only going to refer to my three little darlings who are my children.

When I was young...let's say a bachelor, i can never imagine myself getting married and having children. I had always imagined myself staying single until i'm really old...or maybe until i die...

Then, fate had struck me by bringing me my prince charming. We met, fell in love and got married...and blah...blah...blah...After ten happy years, we have been blessed with three wonderful angels. Hah...angels when they don't drive you crazy. But i guess all children are like that...including mine.

My eldest now is eight years old. Very tall and big for her age. People always say that she looks like a thirteen year old. My second is 4 now. It seems to be taking her a looooong time to grow. She is still very much like a one year old (...she still cries at night and wears diapers to sleep). Finally, my youngest??!!! (i hope so...) She is only one year old. But she acts older than her 4-year old sister.

All my three darlings love food. Just like me. They love ice cream, cheese, pizza, spaghetti and ofcourse CHOCOLATE. Don't all children... The love to play with each other. They love to fight with each other. At times, they can play very peacefully with each other but sometimes they tend to 'bite' at each other...even my youngest.

Anyway, i love them very much and will never trade them with anything else in the world.