Sunday, 12 October 2008

Pn. Noorhayati Ismail In Memory.

Today, our GKMP Bahasa, Pn. Noorhayati bt Ismail has returned to rahmatullah at the age of 41. She died due to high blood pressure. It was a shocking and sad news for all of us at SMKKJ.
As I remember her, she was a good boss and friend. I could always go to her whenever I had things to ask especially regarding KP's work. She was always there and willing to help and give her opinion. Sometimes, I would run to her when I had problems with my KP work.
I can still see her face and hear her calming voice. Her demise is a great loss to us and to the school.
As long as I had known her, she seldom complained about anything. She was also the type of person who'd never try to ditch jobs. She was always responsible in her duties.
Now, that she's no longer around, I feel a great big loss. There's no one for me to turn to to ask for advice and help if I have problems with all my panitia work. I also feel a bit 'terkilan' as I could not help her with the 'perumahan' thing. A few days ago, I mentioned to her about the buyers of Desa Kerayong Indah are now able to cancel our purchase of the houses . At hearing this, she was happy and asked me include her when my hubby wanted to cancel. I had agreed and promised her. Now, my promise can no longer be fulfilled...she has gone forever leaving a husband and an eight year old son (who of course feel her loss even more...)
Anyway, her memory will live on. 'Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan dikalangan orang yang beriman. Al Fatihah.'