Friday, 28 November 2008

Happy Holidays!!!!

It was hilarious!!!

The holidays are here again!!!!! Yaayyy!!! Not only the kids are rejoicing the holidays but also the teachers. I am so relieved to be able to get away from the school kids for awhile.....a month +++ exactly. My eldest and her sister were looking forward to the holidays as 'abah' had promised to take them 'cinema hopping'. Like last week, dear 'abah' had brought them to watch 'Madagascar 2'. As for today, the film 'Bolt' is screening at the TGV cinemas....but 'abah' still hasn't said anything yet. Well, if dear 'abah' says 'jom pi tengok Bolt', I guess the kids would be jumping off their socks with cries of joy : ). As for 'mama', she will only reply with a smile...very weak smile...because tak larat!!!!
Anyway let's just enjoy the holidays. Again...'HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!'