Friday, 2 October 2009

Before Raya

The day before raya, early in the morning, mother woke all of us up early and ordered my sister and I to help her 'balut ketupat daun palas'.

The day before raya, we were all ordered by mon to help her 'buka daun ketupat' and balut ketupat daun palas'

Mama looking very tired after wrapping her 100th ketupat

Mother inserting 'pulut' into the daun ketupat

The ketupat before they were boiled and cooked

The trip 'balik kampung'

Aisyah enjoying her car ride

The jam towards hometown

The last 'buka puasa' in Klang

Alya devouring her pizza

Spaghetti bolognaise for the younger kids

yummy...thirst quenching

handbag raya...last minute shopping at JJ