Friday, 10 July 2009


Well I'm glaD that finally the decision has been made. I'm glad that teachers are no longer burdened with this. I think the ppsmi teachers are rejoicing. In my opinion, English Language can be taught and learnt through many ways. Teaching maths and science in English is not the best solution to enhance students' knowledge and ability to speak and write in English. Students need to learn on their own. Children nowadays just refuse to speak in English or use in English Language. They either don't like the language, don't know the language and couldn't be bothered to learn and improve themselves.
my students, eventhough they're learning maths and science in English, they still refuse to use the language. They still don't know many simple English words. When they listen to songs...English songs, they just listen to the melody not to the words. When they answer questions for maths and science, most of them will fall back to B.M. So, learning really has to come within oneself.
The other day, I was quite angry with a comment saying that Malaysians especially Malays, are too closed minded. The person said that we Malaysians are refusing to move forward and become like those people in Singapore, Thailand, etc... She also said that we (Malaysians) are too stubborn and 'stupid'. Well, if you see, Japanese are doing very well eventhough they are not learning Maths and Science in English. The Germans, French and many other countries are also doing well eventhough they are not using English. We should be proud of our language...Bahasa Melayu. As prove that we are ONE Malaysia, we should be proud not only with our culture, customs and heritage but also OUR LANGUAGE...