Monday, 12 October 2009


On the second day of raya, my mom decided to cook 'laksa kedah'. So, being the only child at home, mom asked me to go out and buy the ingredients. Loyally, hubby drove me to the shops.

Well since it was still hari raya, most shops were closed. We had to go to several shops to buy the needed ingredients We managed to get all except the 'daun kesom' and the 'mee laksa'. We went to almost every opened shop. To no avail there were no 'mee laksa' and 'daun kesom. Finally, abah suggested a supermarket in Bukit Indah. With almost no hope at all, we drove to the supermarket. And...yippee!!!!! the things searched for, were there and I took them quickly and paid for them before thy're taken.