Friday, 5 December 2008

A boring week!

Well, this is the third week of the year end holiday. Sadly, we haven't gone anywhere or done anything interesting so far. In addition to that, this is a sick week for almost everyone at home...except for my eldest girl and the maid. They are still standing strong. As for me, I have been sick twice since the beginning of the holidays. I was first down with a very bad flu and recently I had diaorrhoea. My hubby had caught the flu form me...who else. Furthermore, my two younger girls vomitted and came down with fever. So, no going out for everybody.:(

Anyway, the kids and their daddy had finally manage to find something interesting to do (other than watching tv or vcds). Hubby, before getting sick, had managed to buy himself PS2. (in replacement of the one robbed from him last year) So, they've been in front of the tv most of the time leaving mama to do her own things...what a one to disturb.

However so, the youngest, who doesn't find playing games appealing, minds her own business...playing on her own...again without disturbing mama...: D

The two elder ones enjoying themselves palying PS2 games

She sits and watches her favourite tv channel - Playhouse Disney!

Daddy gives way to children..plays with his 'snare' instead.

This is one of the games that the two kids loved playing.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Happy Holidays!!!!

It was hilarious!!!

The holidays are here again!!!!! Yaayyy!!! Not only the kids are rejoicing the holidays but also the teachers. I am so relieved to be able to get away from the school kids for awhile.....a month +++ exactly. My eldest and her sister were looking forward to the holidays as 'abah' had promised to take them 'cinema hopping'. Like last week, dear 'abah' had brought them to watch 'Madagascar 2'. As for today, the film 'Bolt' is screening at the TGV cinemas....but 'abah' still hasn't said anything yet. Well, if dear 'abah' says 'jom pi tengok Bolt', I guess the kids would be jumping off their socks with cries of joy : ). As for 'mama', she will only reply with a smile...very weak smile...because tak larat!!!!
Anyway let's just enjoy the holidays. Again...'HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!'

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Pn. Noorhayati Ismail In Memory.

Today, our GKMP Bahasa, Pn. Noorhayati bt Ismail has returned to rahmatullah at the age of 41. She died due to high blood pressure. It was a shocking and sad news for all of us at SMKKJ.
As I remember her, she was a good boss and friend. I could always go to her whenever I had things to ask especially regarding KP's work. She was always there and willing to help and give her opinion. Sometimes, I would run to her when I had problems with my KP work.
I can still see her face and hear her calming voice. Her demise is a great loss to us and to the school.
As long as I had known her, she seldom complained about anything. She was also the type of person who'd never try to ditch jobs. She was always responsible in her duties.
Now, that she's no longer around, I feel a great big loss. There's no one for me to turn to to ask for advice and help if I have problems with all my panitia work. I also feel a bit 'terkilan' as I could not help her with the 'perumahan' thing. A few days ago, I mentioned to her about the buyers of Desa Kerayong Indah are now able to cancel our purchase of the houses . At hearing this, she was happy and asked me include her when my hubby wanted to cancel. I had agreed and promised her. Now, my promise can no longer be fulfilled...she has gone forever leaving a husband and an eight year old son (who of course feel her loss even more...)
Anyway, her memory will live on. 'Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan dikalangan orang yang beriman. Al Fatihah.'

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Raya 2008

The girls in their baju kurung and tudung raya

Raya this year was mostly felt by the children. They couldn't wait to put on their raya clothes and shoes. I'd bought for them necklaces and bracelets each. Even their maktok gave them costume jewelleries ; necklace and bracelet for Alya, bangles for Aina and Auni....they were overjoyed at getting them :). I also bought 'tudung' for the three of them. They looked so cute wearing them.

The two younger ones trying on their new 'tudungs'

Besides new clothes for the children, what I like about raya is the food cooked by 'mak bonda'. For this yar's raya, mak bonda of course cooked her famous 'ketupat palas and rendang' (yummy). She also cooked 'soto' which was really delicious....but it was not actually cooked by sister's maid did the cooking. Anyway, it was delicious.
Then, duit raya...the kids got quite a lot. Their tokabah gave them quite a huge sum. As for me, I was the one who gave duit raya to ayahanda and bonda....not forgetting my nephews, niece and daughters! Anyway, it's good to 'sedekah' some to our loved ones :).
Not only did we celebrate raya going to and fro ampang and klang...but we also went for a two day holiday to De Palma. The kids were excited. However, they didn't get the chance to try the swimming pool because it was raining for the two whole days we were there. Yet, it was still a memorable raya for all of us.

The girls at De Palma

Saturday, 27 September 2008


Aidilfitri is just a few days away....
All muslims all over the world are starting to feel the joys of it...
I can't wait to go back to my hometown....which is not that far...
yet, the excitement is largely felt not only by me but also hubby and dear children.
They just can't wait to put on their 'raya' clothes and of course eat all the raya goodies especially "maktok's" ketupat palas, rendang and laksa kedah (if she decides to cook some).
Well, the children are looking forward to raya...not to say that I'm not ... I do too... but I'm also sad that 'ramadhan' has come to an end and it's leaving us...we don't know whether we'll be able to meet it again next year.............only Allah knows.
Anyway, "Eid Mubarak" everyone!
Don't forget to enjoy ourselves and not forgetting stuffed ourselves too :)

Saturday, 20 September 2008

You do, I do

The other day, my two younger children amused me with their behaviour. What I mean is if the older of the two said something, the younger one would also claim that she said the same thing. But what tickled me the other day was their action. My five year old is currently attending kindergarten but my two year old is still home bound. So, when her sister was busy completing her homework, she (two-year old Auni) came rushing with her 'homework' too. She would do exactly as her sister. If her sister asked me about her work, she would also ask me the same thing. Sometimes, her action draw her sister mad. She really reminds me when I was little. I also liked to immitate my elder sister. Well, 'manakan tumpah kuah kalau tidak ke nasi'.....kan...?......

The two girs doing homework

Auni (the smaller one) is immitating Aina

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Berbuka Food

Last week, we went back to my parents' home in Ampang. I couldn't wait to eat my mom's wonderful cooking. What I had in mind was her famous 'kerabus'. And... to my surprise, mom did make one of her most loved kerabus; kerabu taugeh with paru2. Sedapnya. We were also served with her sambal tumis ikan bilis, daging bakar with air asam and her sago pa. It was really yummy and tummy tickling....

Juadah Berbuka puasa

Kerabu kelampeng with taugeh

Sambal tumis ikan bilis

Sirap bandung

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Ramadhan Al Mubarak

Here we are again...Ramadhan is back. Eventhough all the Muslims have to fast (menahan diri dari lapar dan dahaga), I still love the month. It is a time for us to cleanse ourselves, add our 'ibadah' and try alot of delicacies which is difficult to come across on normal days or months.
The other day, hubby and I went to the Bazaar Ramadhan near our place to buy some 'kuih' for berbuka puasa. We bought a few types of 'kuihs' and ofcourse'murtabak'. Then, suddenly dear hubby noticed a guy standing near one of the shop pillars..."ah...the mak cik's son is here. Surely the mak cik will be here soon!" The 'mak cik' hubby was referring to is the lady who sells 'popiah basah'. Her 'popiah' is THE BEST IN TOWN. I'm not kidding. It's true.
So, we waited from 4.35 p.m to almost 5, when suddenly the makcik's red Honda came into view. Dear hubby who was already over anxious, jumped up from the place he was standing and said to me, "Awak pegi tunggu dekat kereta. Jap lagi lepas beli saya pegi ke kereta terus." So, without wasting anymore time, he rushed forward to where everyone else ('popiah' cravers) was standing and waiting. He pushed and jostled to the front of the lot. But, still, almost half an hour later, he finally got his hands on the 'most savoured popiah.'
Anyway, hubby was happy and contented after breaking fast. He said that it was worth the wait. Well, the moral is...when we really want something, we have to work hard for it because the fruit that we get is the juiciest of them all. (can't stop smiling when the memory of dear hubby who had to push himself in between the many people in order to get the 'popiah and also the joy in his eyes at the sight of the red Honda)

Sunday, 31 August 2008


From the place i'm sittting, i can hear the sounds of fireworks booming in the black night sky. So, i'd like to wish all...happy merdeka day...

"Tanggal 31
Bulan lapan lima puluh tujuh
hari yang mulia
hari bahagia
sambut dengan
jiwa yang merdeka...."

So, let's all have 'merdeka' our thought from all the bad ones...stop making up stories...bad mouthing people...throwing fitnah...let's become good people....
Anyway, i'm going raya shopping this merdeka holiday. Hmmmmm.......

Saturday, 19 July 2008


It has been a long time since I update my blog. Just couldn't find the time and also couldn't find a computer.... I need to buy me a computer very soon.
Well, nothing much has happened in the last two months. Just the usual things.

Last week, I brought my children to watch 'The Kungfu Panda'. It was also the first time I brought my youngest (2 years old now) to watch the film. I thought because it was a cartoon and it has a panda acting in it, then, my little kiddie would sit and watch the film without MOVING! But to my great astonishment, she just wouldn't sit still. She was walking side to side within the seating area and she was just being curious. She wanted to explore the area in the darkness. She wasn't afraid of the dark that was engulfing her. Hmm...well, it was a lesson to her mother too (me..lah tu). Never judge a book by its cover or never judge a kid by his or her cuteness. Maybe, when she's older, I might take her to watch another movie. When my friends heard that I was brave enough to take my youngie to the movies, they said "Are you out of your mind?!!!"

Well, I guess I am. Sometimes though....

This is the little angle whom I am referring to.

These are my other two angels.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Mak Bonda's Birthday Celebration.

Mak Bonda looked shocked at the reception

At 8.15 p.m Saturday night, we took off from mak bonda's house (my motherla...who else) to Bora Ombak for her advanced birthday celebration. My sisters and I decided to have an early celebration as 2nd of June falls on Monday, and they'd both be working. Unlike me, I'm already on leave (school holidaylah...apalagi). So, we had a big feast there and at the end of it, the singer of the house band came over to our tables and sang a heartiest birthday song for mama. The song, was then given a very dramatic ending with my father's booming but melodious voice.

We had a great time

My three nephews...getting their hands on the peanuts!

Tuesday, 29 April 2008


Here comes the tax paying day all over again! I got my BE form 2 months ago. But being the lazy me, I kept putting it off with sooo many lame excuses. One of my excuse was... I still hadn't gotten my EA form. Hmmm... then, when I was given the EA, I had other excuses...alah...lambat lagilah. There's still plenty of time. Then, suddenly the end of April appears.!!! Cold sweat started coming down my face. Ayo..yo... borang BE tak isi lagilah!!! Again, I gave other excuses for not filling up the form. "Tak pela. Boleh isi pakai e-filing". But my 'takpela' became 'alamak!' when my friends told me that they couldn't send their tax through e-filing. 'it's jammed' one could get into the LHDN website. Flustered and flabbergasted... I decided to go home and filled in my form, then sent it by post. However, saved by the day or should I say, saved by beloved hubby, he came home and announced, "don't worry we can send our tax form through e-filing because we have MAXIS Broadband. i can heaved a big sigh of relief because I finally managed to send my tax form....e-filingla, apalagi....: ) Thank u MAXIS. You have really saved my day!!!

Saturday, 12 April 2008


I just love food especially the ones called dessert. The desserts that I like are doughnuts, cakes (but not the ones that use butter cream for icing), and ofcourse ice-cream. Who doesn't right?!!! The other day, I read my sister's blog. She has a friend who bakes cucakes and makes a bussiness out of them. Her friend even bakes quiche, cakes and other mouth watering desserts. Wow! How I wish I could have a taste at them! Then, after dreaming about all the lovely goodies, my lucky star strikes. I got a very delicious tiramisu cake from my friend. May Allah bless her and her family. She gave one whole cake for free. She bakes very delicious cakes using whipping cream for icing!!! Anyway, I do have a dream. One day I want to learn how to bake cakes and make pastries. Then, after I've retired, I want to open a bussiness baking and selling cakes.

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Harry Potter Marathons

'Harry Potter' as everyone knows is the young wizard created by J.K Rowlings. He has managed to capture almost everyone's attention and heart world wide. Well, that doesn't leave my daughter and I out. We too have developed a very high liking to J.K Rowling's boxoffice novels cum movies. My family had never missed watching her every single 'Harry Potter' films. I also have all her 7 novels which now my 9-year old daughter is slowly reading.

Today, she had just watched Harry Potter- The Chamber of Secrets for the countless times. (more than five times...she herself has lost count) As for my hubby, without fail, he would try to get his hands on all the films. (he bought all the original dvds) My hubby is dvd crazed.

There was once, during the long school holidays, my daughter and I sat in front of the tv and watched the Harry Potter movies from one to another without stop. However, when dear hubby started to complaint, with heavy hearts, we had to switch off the dvd player and sobbed in silent. Eventhough dear daddy (who is also dear hubby) bought all the dvds, they weren't meant to be watched in a day, straight from morning to evening. I think he actually felt bored and left out. He's more to music-video watching and Harrison Ford movies lover.

Anyway, we just can't wait to watch 'Half Blood Prince' and 'The Deathly Hallows' on screen.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Selamat Menyambut Maulidur Rasul

Happy holidays to all and happy Maulidur Rasul to all Muslims around the world! Today is Prophet Muhammad's Birthday. Malaysia is having its public holiday today. That includes me too.
Last night my elder sis sent me a message asking me to go to Teluk Intan with her family today. She wanted to vist our younger sis there. However, shocked, I told her that wan (our youngest sister) had returned to Ampang yesterday evening, right after work. So, there goes my big sis holiday plan.
As for me, I planned to take my children to JJ Bukit Tinggi. But, it couldn't be done as I had to accompany my hubby to the workshop. His 'kancil' had a leak. (pulak!) It's never ending; car repairing ...
Anyway, I have friends who are going back to their hometowns today as they are blessed (???) with another day off tomorrow. (Good Friday). How I envy them!!!! To them, have a safe journey and enjoy the days off!!! As for me, I would enjoy the holiday at the 'bengkel' (sob...sob...sob..)

Monday, 10 March 2008


These are some of the flags and posters that were hung to promote the political parties

This is the party which is at present ruling Kelantan

When I was younger, right after reaching the age of 21, I just couldn't wait to vote! Then, when the time came, I got all excited and voted. At that time, I voted because I knew that I was given the chance to choose the leaders whom I thought fit to rule the country. But now, as I grew older and mature (hmmm...), I don't really look forward to voting. Anyway, as a good Malaysian, I did my duty on the 8th of March; I कास्ट my vote. This time, I was not excited at all. I didn't know who to vote for. People tried to influence me into voting for those who they preferred. But, being stubborn, as I am, I voted for......undi adalah rahsialah. Anyway, this year's election was not as 'meriah' as before. There were not many posters, banners and flags around the country. Maybe it's due to .....i don't want to saylah.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Aina's Birthday

Aina's birthday falls on 13th February every year. So, this year for her 5th birthday, we decided to celebrate it together with her cousin, Amaaney who would turn 2 on the 11th February. Therefore, my sister (amaaney's mom) and I decided to share the birthday cake which was a yummy, 1/2 kg, marble cheese cake. It's really tummy tickling.

We placed seven candles on it and sang a heartiest and joyful birthday song for the two little angels. When it's time for candle blowing,however, the eldest of the two, huff and puff and blew the candles down, leaving the two year old to only stare down at the cake wondering where all the fire had gone to (poor little thing). Maybe, next year, if we decide to have a combined celebration again, we might just have to get two cakes instead.

Alya's Birthday

My eldest daughter, Alya, had celebrated her 9th birthday on 14th January 2008. We deciced to celebrate her birthday earlier, on a Sunday as her birthday fell on a school day. So, we brought the whole family to Jaya Jusco. We had the birthday lunch at Deli Rich Cafe there. We certainly had loads of fun. Everyone had a BIG lunch that filled up the tummies for the whole day (but in the video that is attached, the focus however was not the birthday was on the birthday girl's little sister though....hmmmm....that's dear abah's doing).

Friday, 8 February 2008


My family trip to Putrajaya. The kids were exposed to the modern structured buildings there. However though, only my eldest understood.

MISA (Malaysian International Space Adventure)- WOW!
It was held in Putrajaya. We were mesmerized by the space exhibition. The knowledge gained was priceless. We really had FUN in the 4D theatre. Even my 5 year old had some fun there eventhough she still couldn't understand what space is.

Blue sky, a beach without water, very strong wind...oh well that is Morib.
The kids were rather disappointed because they couldn't build sand castles nor take a awim in the sea. However, they still had a gall time fighting to move against the wind and chasing bubbles. (there was a family who blew bubbles and my kids chased after them)

A trip to 'disneyland' in jaya jusco. The kids really felt like they were in Disneyland. We enjoyed looking at all the disney princesses' statues.

Thursday, 7 February 2008


In our modern world nowadays, we do need maids, helpers and of course babysitters for our children. Having maids do lessen our burden BUT they too add up to our headaches.
In my case, my maid or if I put it in a nicer way, helper, do lessen alot of my burden; clean the house, cook, attend to the children especially my two younger kids who can really get on my nerves at times. But at other times, she does give me HEADACHES.. For example, the other day, we had our Chinese Year holidays for four days. I didn't have any idea that she wanted to go on leave. So, as a boss, I just couldn't be bothered to offer her one. However so, I noticed that for two consecutive days, she had been putting on a long and sour face every time she saw me. At seeing that, I got very irritsted. Whenever I called her, she refused to answer me. This went on for two days until on my eldest told me that actually 'bibik' wanted to go on leave bt mama didn't allow her. With all the irritation and anger building up inside me, I called her to come and see me in private. (we were at my mom's place.anyway, i didn't want to make a scene in front of everybody else.)
My confrontation began. She expected me to be able to read her thoughts and knew what she wanted. Wow! In that case, I really have to be one of the heroes in the series Heroes at the Starworld Channel to be able to read people's thoughts. Or I should just be like Sylar....hmmmmmm. To make the atory short, as a good boss (not to say i am), I finally agreed to allow her to go on a seven-hour leave on the third day of the Chinese New Year holiday. I made her promise to go and return at the time we had agreed on. Maybe you can say that we had a 'spit an'd shake' agreement.(i'm not sure about the term. but it's an agreement where both of you spit and shake hands over it).
Well, eventhough we had finally reached an understanding (???) over a small matter but still having to deal with maids is sooo troublesome. Sometimes, I do wish that I do not need a helper. But yet, in reality, I do. Therefore, I need to have more patience and tolerance too.