Sunday, 5 April 2009

Drama oh Drama

It's the time of the year where all schools in the district are asked to send in participation for the district drama competition. in the beginning, I wasn't thrilled about sending my school's team for the competition. But as the teachers cum trainers and the students were already prepared and excited, so, what the we come.
The story was interesting...underwater sea. So, you can expect to see underwater sea creatures as the props. Well done to the team! They had really done it well. The students' voice projection and articulation were amazing. They were clear and I as their teacher really didn't expect them to do that well. They really did surprise me!
However so, they did not get to go to the finals. But it was a good show and spirit displayed by the students. And I would like to express my most heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the teachers whom had given more than 100% commitment to make sure the drama went very well.
(Better luck next year though)

Last Holiday at Pantai Remis

During the last mid school semester break, we went to Pantai Remis in Jeram. At first, we only planned to have a short visit because hubby had work to do there. But then, plans changed. We decided to spend the night there. The kids were thrilled because they'd have longer hours to spend on the beach. So, we walked along the beach and then the kids played kites and bubbles too. It was a relief to get away from Kampung Jawa once in a while.
However, there's one set back to the place....there was no wind in the morning and night. There was mostly low tide rather than high tide. High tide was only for a short period; from 1 in the afternoon to 6 in the evening only. Most people went there to look for prawns and crabs. There also you could see lots and lots of shells (sea shells). The kids had a gall time collecting shells of all sizes. Sadly though, as they reached home, the shells were also gone...missing in action?!!!!!
There's one memorable thing though that i really liked about Pantai Remis. The SEAFOOD or shall I say the IKAN BAKAR. It was wonderfully yummy. The price was also affordable. If anyone wants to have a treat of ikan bakar, Jeram is the place to go to. So, I might persuade dear hubby to take us again to Jeram...but not for the 'pantai'....IKAN BAKAR!!!!!


Abah and Auni playing kite

Now, it's abah's turn.

Hey, where are the bubbles?