Saturday, 19 July 2008


It has been a long time since I update my blog. Just couldn't find the time and also couldn't find a computer.... I need to buy me a computer very soon.
Well, nothing much has happened in the last two months. Just the usual things.

Last week, I brought my children to watch 'The Kungfu Panda'. It was also the first time I brought my youngest (2 years old now) to watch the film. I thought because it was a cartoon and it has a panda acting in it, then, my little kiddie would sit and watch the film without MOVING! But to my great astonishment, she just wouldn't sit still. She was walking side to side within the seating area and she was just being curious. She wanted to explore the area in the darkness. She wasn't afraid of the dark that was engulfing her. Hmm...well, it was a lesson to her mother too (me..lah tu). Never judge a book by its cover or never judge a kid by his or her cuteness. Maybe, when she's older, I might take her to watch another movie. When my friends heard that I was brave enough to take my youngie to the movies, they said "Are you out of your mind?!!!"

Well, I guess I am. Sometimes though....

This is the little angle whom I am referring to.

These are my other two angels.