Friday, 5 December 2008

A boring week!

Well, this is the third week of the year end holiday. Sadly, we haven't gone anywhere or done anything interesting so far. In addition to that, this is a sick week for almost everyone at home...except for my eldest girl and the maid. They are still standing strong. As for me, I have been sick twice since the beginning of the holidays. I was first down with a very bad flu and recently I had diaorrhoea. My hubby had caught the flu form me...who else. Furthermore, my two younger girls vomitted and came down with fever. So, no going out for everybody.:(

Anyway, the kids and their daddy had finally manage to find something interesting to do (other than watching tv or vcds). Hubby, before getting sick, had managed to buy himself PS2. (in replacement of the one robbed from him last year) So, they've been in front of the tv most of the time leaving mama to do her own things...what a one to disturb.

However so, the youngest, who doesn't find playing games appealing, minds her own business...playing on her own...again without disturbing mama...: D

The two elder ones enjoying themselves palying PS2 games

She sits and watches her favourite tv channel - Playhouse Disney!

Daddy gives way to children..plays with his 'snare' instead.

This is one of the games that the two kids loved playing.