Thursday, 18 February 2010

Kids At Home

It was funny to observe the smaller children at home. My fourth daughter just loves disturbing and getting on her sisters' nerves. She would walk around in her walker trying to get her hands on any of their things. My third girl would always scream and shout at her younger sister which makes it even more exciting for her. She'd never stop can guess what happens next.
It's just so enjoyable to be able to witness this while they are still small...

contented with the toy she managed to grab from her sister

always putting things into her wet mouth...which makes her sisters squirm.

two sisters ignoring her...continued to play even after
a doll was forcefully taken away


On the same day as the sport's day, we had to be the host for the district's first round debate. The girls went against the students from SMK Klang Utama.
The debaters however had to miss the sports as they had to prepare themselves for the debate which took place in the afternoon. As for the teachers, one had to stay with the kids and the other two had to divide time between the stadium and school.
As for the result of the debate...well, we gave in to Klang Utama people...with a fight of course.

The honourables judges

Amanda...our 3rd speaker

Sheryll...delivering her points as the 2nd speaker

the girls of SMKKJ

the kids...or debaters from SMK Klang Utama

Atira...our 1st speaker

Madame chairperson...Jolyn Ann

SMKKJ Sport's Day

On the 10th of February, SMKKJ had its annual sports day. It was its 12th sports day. It was held at the Sultan Suleiman's Stadium in Klang.
What a glorious day...the sun was shining brightly, the students were chirpy and excited. The teachers were all so busy organising things. As for the athletes, they were a nervous bunch...just couldn't sit still...couldn't wait for their event.
All in all, it was a day to all.

Bendera Kejohanan

Blue House...Ledang

Red House

Police Cadet



Puteri Islam

The Scouts

Friday, 29 January 2010

Sukantara SMKKJ 2010

On the 29th of January, again for maybe the 12th time, SMK Kampong Jawa held its annual `sukantara'. It was a joyous and yet a tiring day for everyone. The kids were actively involved in five sports items; 100m and 200m runs, long and high jumps and also short part (if I spelt it correctly). Teachers were also very busy running around school making sure that the kids were participating and obeying the school rules and not forgetting making sure all the activities were running as planned. There were shouts of joy and victory heard not only from the students who managed to qualify and get marks for their houses but also from teachers who went all out to support their teams. There was also small arguments among teachers who were not satisfied with some of the rules but it was then forgotten and forgiven.
It was a great day though a bit tiring...a day to enjoy and forget all about school work for a while....

faces of two blue house girls after doing their share of the high jump

200 m...boys

girls waiting for their turns at the high jump ground

yes that's it...go go girl

up up and away

blue house...another wait...but this time at the long jump station

there goes the blue house girl...jump!!!


hey...where is it?....


Sunday, 24 January 2010

Another 2010 School Activity

Pn Hjh Laila, the school's pricipal delivering her speech

Monday, 18th January 2010, was the launching of 'Program 3 K' school level. The 3 K stand for kebersihan, keselamatan dan kesihatan. It was launched by the YDP of SMK Kg Jawa's PIBG at the school assembly area during school assembly.

Alya's11th Birthday

14th January 2010 was my eldest's 11th birthday. We had a small celebration just for her.
We also bought a musical box for her......Happy Birthday my dear girl.....

Yummy chocolate cake

Birthday girl with abah and sisters

Activities At School

On 16th January, SMK Kg Jawa held its annual Larian Ria. All students were supposed to participate in this activity but sadly enough only 1200 out of 2000 students were present on that day...and my blue house which is also known as Ledang, only managed to come in third. Well, we have to make do with that position for the time being.
By the way, on that day, I was on duty as one of the 'hakim check point'. I was stationed at the last check point for boys. It was quite tiring to be standing at the station for more than 2 hours but somehow it was also be watching the boys especially the form ones running and participating actively in the run.....

this wa where I was stationed with 2 other the pedestrian bridge