Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Balik Kedah

My grandmother's place which has been turned into a car wash (Hjh Zainab)

My grandmother's house (Hjh Aishah)

Padang Besar, Perlis

The view along the way to Padang Besar

The sign board to Perlis

Pondok Hj Hussin

Pondok Hj. Hussin

My two girls dozing away...boring kot

Hubby...termenung nampak...masa the gathering

Alya and Mak Ngah Amelia

Dad and nephew having dinner in Alor Setar

My mom and sister Kak Ja

Hubby and daughter, Auni

Aina grinning happily while awaiting food

Alya (in purple), babyAisyah and the bibik

The scenery as we entered Kedah's border

Hubby drove all the way back in his baju Melayu and not forgetting his Hari Raya Korban's hairstyle

The terowong

Another scenery of 'jelapang padi' but blurred by the rain

The view of the mist along the mountain

During the Hari Raya Haji which fell on the 27th of December, we went back to Kedah with my sister's family and of vourse with mama and abah too. The trip back to Kedah was ok but the trip coming back to Klang was a long one. We travelled 12 hours on the road because of the heavy traffic all the from Alor Setar to Tanjung Malim....aduh...duh...duh
Back in Kedah, we stayed at the Hotel Seri Malaysia. We didn't go back to my Tok's place because it was already full with my uncle's family. Anyway, since Tok is no longer around...we seldom go back to her house...sedih jugak bila tengok rumah tu...all the happy memories there actually made me sad as Tok is not around. When we went there during our 3 day visit, I was very melancholic...I could still see Tok sitting at the dining table...walking along the's quite nostalgic...the memories.
We also went to Padang Besar, Perlis...which couldn't be helped....balik Kedah mesti pergi Padang Besaq....besala....What else...I got myself a new handbag, t-shirts for the children and also a few pairs of pajamas for them. As for the 'abah', he couldn't leave the place without buying himself a MU jersey and a shirt...'koporat' shirt.
However so, the main reason for going back to Kedah was we went to Hj. Salleh's family late grandfather from my mother's side of the family. It was glorious...I got to know many of my relatives whom I'd never known before.
All in all, I could say that the trip back to Kedah was 'BEST'!!!!!!!!