Saturday, 5 September 2009

'Bunga Api'

Two nights ago, I brought back a box of 'bunga api'. At seeing the box of sparklers, my two younger daughters squealed with joy. The youngest of the two, kept the sparklers with her all evening. She also kept asking me to let her play with them very soon. But mama made all kinds of excuses but finally gave in. So, on the balcony, mama entertained her daughters...playing with the box of sparklers.

Buka Puasa

These were some of the dishes at mom's place. They were all 'berbuka' dishes. Yummy...
Mom went all out preparing 'nasi tomato'...well I helped : P

desserts...kuih...mostly bought at bazaar ramadhan

The 'lauk' for 'nasi tomato'

Forum Perdana

A Forum Perdana was held on the 15th of August at SMKKJ school compound. Teachers, students and civilians were all invited...and many turned up.
There were also stalls selling various kinds of things...macam pasar malam pulak...

Aishah...2 months+++

She's in her walker???!!! at 2 months?!!!

Dah nak nangis nih...

Isk...iskk...iskk...kan dah 'sebek'

Ini yang best,,,she's smiling...'cak' : P

Here are a few pictures of Aishah after 2 months...going to 3...