Monday, 10 March 2008


These are some of the flags and posters that were hung to promote the political parties

This is the party which is at present ruling Kelantan

When I was younger, right after reaching the age of 21, I just couldn't wait to vote! Then, when the time came, I got all excited and voted. At that time, I voted because I knew that I was given the chance to choose the leaders whom I thought fit to rule the country. But now, as I grew older and mature (hmmm...), I don't really look forward to voting. Anyway, as a good Malaysian, I did my duty on the 8th of March; I कास्ट my vote. This time, I was not excited at all. I didn't know who to vote for. People tried to influence me into voting for those who they preferred. But, being stubborn, as I am, I voted for......undi adalah rahsialah. Anyway, this year's election was not as 'meriah' as before. There were not many posters, banners and flags around the country. Maybe it's due to .....i don't want to saylah.