Friday, 1 May 2009


It's Labour Day!!! So, happy holidays to everyone!!!!!
As for me, this is the day when I truly rest from administrators!!!!!! Yahooo!!!!
So, let's just enjoy the day off. No worries..."don't worry be happy"
Ok...till then...I just want to laze around...and maybe later I'll update.......bye : D

Monday, 27 April 2009


Last Saturday, I was called to invigilate a very important exam. Guess what?!!!! The chief invigilator was my very own life partner!
As I reached the exam center, I was recognised by his school colleagues...but not other invigilators. Well, without introducing who I was, ...except for my name and which school I was from, I did my duty. But.....I kept getting curious glances from the others who did not know my relationship to the chief.... I also found out that they were wondering why dear chief did not put me in other rooms. All the time, I was invigilating in the same room as he was. We also had curious glares and unvoiced curiosity from the other center's chief....he caught us in a very intimate moment of trying to paste a sticker onto an already tied parcel...Guess what!!!???? quickly, he jumped in as if to try and break us (the couple...) apart by offering his help instead and pushing me aside,,,away from my dearie...(very funny at the thought of it) However so...being the hubby who seldom realises things...he didn't even noticed all the glances and glares that we received that day until i told him about it.
I guess...the other teachers might have spoken about this at their schools the following Monday...maybe they would say that the chief was actually having an affair with a fat and pregnant plus non-attractive lady teacher...ha..ha..ha... It's kind of funny when you think about it.
Well, maybe....if we have to work together again next time....I should wear a badge saying that "I'm His WIFE!!!'
What do you think?!!!!