Thursday, 20 March 2008

Selamat Menyambut Maulidur Rasul

Happy holidays to all and happy Maulidur Rasul to all Muslims around the world! Today is Prophet Muhammad's Birthday. Malaysia is having its public holiday today. That includes me too.
Last night my elder sis sent me a message asking me to go to Teluk Intan with her family today. She wanted to vist our younger sis there. However, shocked, I told her that wan (our youngest sister) had returned to Ampang yesterday evening, right after work. So, there goes my big sis holiday plan.
As for me, I planned to take my children to JJ Bukit Tinggi. But, it couldn't be done as I had to accompany my hubby to the workshop. His 'kancil' had a leak. (pulak!) It's never ending; car repairing ...
Anyway, I have friends who are going back to their hometowns today as they are blessed (???) with another day off tomorrow. (Good Friday). How I envy them!!!! To them, have a safe journey and enjoy the days off!!! As for me, I would enjoy the holiday at the 'bengkel' (sob...sob...sob..)