Sunday, 23 March 2008

Harry Potter Marathons

'Harry Potter' as everyone knows is the young wizard created by J.K Rowlings. He has managed to capture almost everyone's attention and heart world wide. Well, that doesn't leave my daughter and I out. We too have developed a very high liking to J.K Rowling's boxoffice novels cum movies. My family had never missed watching her every single 'Harry Potter' films. I also have all her 7 novels which now my 9-year old daughter is slowly reading.

Today, she had just watched Harry Potter- The Chamber of Secrets for the countless times. (more than five times...she herself has lost count) As for my hubby, without fail, he would try to get his hands on all the films. (he bought all the original dvds) My hubby is dvd crazed.

There was once, during the long school holidays, my daughter and I sat in front of the tv and watched the Harry Potter movies from one to another without stop. However, when dear hubby started to complaint, with heavy hearts, we had to switch off the dvd player and sobbed in silent. Eventhough dear daddy (who is also dear hubby) bought all the dvds, they weren't meant to be watched in a day, straight from morning to evening. I think he actually felt bored and left out. He's more to music-video watching and Harrison Ford movies lover.

Anyway, we just can't wait to watch 'Half Blood Prince' and 'The Deathly Hallows' on screen.