Friday, 24 July 2009

What I heard today...

Well, today...early this morning, when I was watching MHI (Malaysia Hari Ini), one of the presenter said that 'why don't teachers show affection towards their students by saying nice things to them and also by patting them often'. Words or phrases that teachers can utter are 'jalan baik-baik', 'jaga diri', 'semoga esok kita jumpa lagi' and many others.

Well...I agree with him. But sometimes, we tend to get all rile up especiallly with the kids who always get on our nerves...those who refuse to show us respect...those who like to test on our goes on and on. I do wish my students well...I do pray for their safety...I do pray for their success. But I wonder if the students pray for me or their teachers.

There are many things that can make us teachers happy. One of them is when students respect us as teachers, adults and maybe friends. Another thing is when the students get good results and become successful. Furthermore, teachers are happy and overjoyed when students think of them and thank them when they succeed in studies and also life.

As for me, I still remember my teachers who are always very dear to me. One of the teachers whom I remember most id Miss Subramaniam (my chemistry teacher), Cik Azizah and Pn. Kamaliah (my B.M tachers) Pn Kannabhiran and Cik Hannah (both were my English teachers) and not forgetting my Add Maths teacher, Pn. Leong whom we also used to nickname her Mrs. Michael Jackson...she wore a glove on her right hand every time she wrote on the blackboard...: D.

Well, I'm glad that now i'm a teacher and I hope that I have touched many of my students' hearts and will always be remembered....not as a bad teacher, of course!!!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

A Rainy Day

Yesterday, it rained almost the whole day. Actually it rained half of the day. It was raining cats and dogs. It cleared all the smoke and dust.
As a very responsible mother (perasanlah pulak) and a mother on leave, I decided to fetch my eldest daughter from school. So, with my Avon umbrella, I fought the heavy downpour and dashed off to my daughter's school. While waiting I witnessed all kinds of activities happening at the school. Therefore, with my handphone, I managed to capture a few.'s what I had captured...

The place was all wet

Water pouring down wetting the garden

Parents sending their children straight at the school porch...

Kids running on the wet and slippery floor...not bothering whether
they'll fall while running

These kids were more careful...there's also a parent me.

A few kids were busy calling mummies and daddies to come fetch them

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Aisyah After 1 Month

It is really ajoy looking at your baby growing up. It's such a pleasure to see she smiles and sometimes try to communicate with me.
How time Aisyah has been with us for more than a month...
She brings joy and sooo much love to my family....

Arif n Cassandra's Wedding (but no pictures of the 'pengantin' though)

Last Saturday, I went to my cousin's, Arif, wedding reception. Actually, he wed on 23rd March this year. The reception was however held later due to the unavailability of the place; Dewan Perdana, Felda Merak Kayangan.
It was a lovely reception. The hall was beautifully decorated. There was also a band playing 'Melayu Asli' songs. It was good. The food was not bad...there was chicken curry (I think), 'dalca', 'sambal udang' (huge prawns), 'acar buah' and also beef rendang. Not forgetting the dessert which was 'tapai ice cream'. Yummy, but sadly though, I still wasn't allowed to eat it eventhough I have finished 'berpantang'.
My kids were having a nice time. I also met my relatives whom many I had not seen nor met for many years. There were aldo relatives whom I had never met...most of them were from my mother's side.
Anyway, I enjoyed myself...forgetting that I have baby at home...only for awhile...: )

Dewan Perdana

The 4 girls...

Aina n Amaneey


Aina n Auni

In the picture...amaneey and Sabri (my brother-in-law)

Tapai ice cream

Chocolate souvenir

The Melayu Asli band