Saturday, 20 September 2008

You do, I do

The other day, my two younger children amused me with their behaviour. What I mean is if the older of the two said something, the younger one would also claim that she said the same thing. But what tickled me the other day was their action. My five year old is currently attending kindergarten but my two year old is still home bound. So, when her sister was busy completing her homework, she (two-year old Auni) came rushing with her 'homework' too. She would do exactly as her sister. If her sister asked me about her work, she would also ask me the same thing. Sometimes, her action draw her sister mad. She really reminds me when I was little. I also liked to immitate my elder sister. Well, 'manakan tumpah kuah kalau tidak ke nasi'.....kan...?......

The two girs doing homework

Auni (the smaller one) is immitating Aina