Saturday, 6 June 2009

New Family Member

The agony, worries and curiosity have finally come to an end.
On the 5th of June 2009, at 5.44 a.m, I had safely delivered my fourth child and baby girl at Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Klang.
The pain started at around 3 a.m. But I wasn't sure whether it was a contraction or only wind. I made countless trips to the toilet but still I didn't suspect that it was a sign of labour.(after giving birth to 3 kids,,,still I couldn't guess or detect that it was contraction...I was going to give birth!!!). Then, when my water broke at exactly 4.45 a.m, I realised that I was going to have my baby out very soon!!!
Quickly, I woke hubby up and we rushed to the hospital. After 'checking in'...registrationlah...I was checked by a sleepy doctor...who couldn't even open his eyes at 5.20 in the morning. But as I complained about needing to push at any moment, he ...the male doctor managed to open his eyes slightly teeny bit bigger and checked on me which he realized that I had opened up to 9 cm already. So, quickly he ordered the nurses to push me to the labour room. In the panic moment, while being pushed I managed to sneak a quick peek at dearest hubby who was looking very worried. (hopefully it was genuine)
As I entered the labour room, (to cut the story short), I safely and successfully delivered a healthy baby girl of 3.6 kg. Yahoo!!! Yippee!!! The agony ended...the pain ended and the curiosity...a girl? a boy? also ended.
I thank Allah s.w.t for giving me four beautiful girls and a loving husband. I also thank Allah s.w.t for giving me loving and supportive parents and also wonderful sisters. Without all of them I could have never gone through moments like this...good and bad.

Aishah, my new baby girl

Aishah and abah

Abah and her 3 elder girls

Thursday, 4 June 2009

My Ala Raccoon Daughter

Daughters and sons…children as a whole, are gifts from God. So are mine. I have three wonderful daughters. They differ from each other in looks, age (of course) and also behavior.
In this entry, I would like to tell a bit on my third which is the youngest of the three angels.
She is cute (mestilah…anak sendiri…takkan tak cute kot) and very mischievous. When I was pregnant with her, I went to watch the movie “Over the Edge” and liked it very much. Among all the animals in the story, I liked the raccoon the most. And, unfortunately enough, my third angel, somehow or rather turned out to behave more or less like the raccoon.
Like the raccoon which likes to collect things, my daughter also likes to do the same. She is never satisfied with only the things she owns. She would try to take
her sisters’ things too and claims them as hers. For instance, today, I came home and bought for each of my daughters two toys from McDonalds. At first she was happy with her two toys…but a few hours later, she found out that having two toys wasn’t enough. So, she decided to take her sister’s. When my helper tried to stop her by saying, “Auni kan udah ada dua. Yang ini kak Aina punya.” Her reply was, “Tak cukup. Auni nak tiga”. That was the first incident….then, a few minutes later, she saw her eldest sister’s toys lying on the floor….Well, without further ado…she quickly grabbed the toys and ran to hide them in her ‘secret place’. Running and screaming after her, my eldest quickly spotted the ‘secret hiding place’ and took the toys back. Well, the ‘raccoon’ didn’t do any protesting but just smiled away mischievously. Only God knows what she has stored in mind…perhaps…well no one knows except for the little mischievous so called raccoon.
Life is never dull with children around especially those of our very own.

My three angels

My 'raccoon' on her bike

Showing off her it ballet???