Friday, 17 July 2009

Grrr....(part 2)

Grrr... well this is the 2nd part.
Yesterday, I got another message from the 'dungu' bank asking me to pay yet another payment. This time the charge had increased by rm30. How dare them!!!! So, without delaying, I searched for the bank's customer service number and called them. First call...I was put on wait. Then, they asked me to leave my number so that they could call me back. I did just that.
10 minutes...20 minutes...finally at the thirtieth minute the phone was from the bank.
Controlling my anger and irritation, I talked to the man calmly....telling him the whole problem from A to Z. The officer was a gentleman. He explained and agreed to my request. So, in less than 15 minutes my problem was solved...I had managed to terminate my card and I was also exempted from paying anything. Alhamdulillah.
Next time, I'll try not to get into anymore troubles...especially when it comes to credit cards...
By the way, I want to thank a friend for giving me a very good advice on the matter. If the bank had refused me, I would have done as he suggested...Thanks again.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince

It is now screening...can't wait to watch it...

Auni's 3rd Birthday

This is a belated update on Auni's 3rd birthday...

Auni on her new scooter...big sis looked awfully sad(behind her)

Auni displaying her new doll dresses...birthday gift from abah.

Auni and her slice of birthday cheese cake from Secret Recipe.

Big sisters sharing the joy of Auni's birthday by getting their own cake choices.
Alya is enjoying her caramel cheese and Aina her chocolate cake...all from Secret Recipe.
We didn't get a whole cake because it was usually wasted.
So, this time we decided to get each her own choice of flavors...and it wasn't wasted.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

A Wonderful Serene Morning

The trees are looking sooo green and fresh after the rain.

It looks so nice and quiet

This too looks very signs of hectic activities...only sounds of the early birds chirping happily away up in the trees.

Aisyah...undisturbed...napping peacefully in her swinging chair.

Auni was also engrossed in her own world ignoring...

...her favorite morning tv program.

Well, this was the scenario that I managed to capture right after the morning shower's very peaceful and haze...yippee!!!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

My Favourites

These are my favourites....

This is caramel pudding still in the pan...

I can't remember the from Tarbush.

also from Tarbush

Big Apple donuts

Chocolate strawberry cake

Shopaholic series of books

Monday, 13 July 2009

Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa

Earlier this morning, I heard on tv on how we should be proud and uphold our mother language. As for Malaysians, our 'bahasa rasmi' is Bahasa Melayu. therefore, we should always be proud to use all the time.

The man on tv...he was from DBP (Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka), said that, if our 'bahasa rasmi' is Bahasa Melayu, then we should be able to use it in schools, for formal functions and also for communication. Unlike, Singaporeans, they claim that their official language is Bahasa Melayu but they are not upholding it by using it in schools or in official businesses.

By using B.M in schools we are showing that we are proud of our language. We want others also to know and perhaps use our language. If we are not proud of our own language and do respect it, then how can others respect it. Bahasa Melayu is now the 5th mostly known language in the world. So, we should be proud to use it.

When we're using English as our medium, in a way we are slowly burying and discarding our mother language. By using B.M in the learning and teaching of subjects in schools, we are helping the language to bloom and stay in people's hearts and mind. It's good to be fluent in English but it's also good not to forget our heritage. If foreigners are willing and interested in learning it, why shouldn't we.

Bahasa itu adalah jiwa bangsa. Saya sentiasa berbangga menggunakan Bahasa Melayu. Saya juga tidak malu dikenali sebagai anak Melayu. Walaupun, saya mengambil jurusan Bahasa Inggeris tetapi itu tidak bermakna saya melupakan asal usul saya. Jikalau orang di Eropah, Jepun, Korea dll berbangga dengan bahasa mereka dan boleh berjaya, mengapa tidak kita.
Oleh itu berbanggalah dan pelajarilah bahasa sendiri sebelum kita mempelajari bahasa dan budaya asing.

It's used in signboards

Another signboard using B.m to show direction

It's used in books

It's used in KLCC

Long lost friend?

I've been wanting to get in touch with one of my closest friends from school. But, I just don't know how. She's a known person know. She's involved in politics...a head of the puteri UMNO. She's appeared on tv and also in newspapers as well as magazines.
Once, during the old school days, we were close. we used to share almost everything together. Then, after SPM, we went to separate universities but we still kept in touch. I used to visit her at UIA when I was studying in PPP/ITM, Shah Alam. But after we graduated, we no longer keep in touch. I tried to get her phone number or address but it was to no avail. The only thing that I know is that she's now an important person in politics...

This is Ismalina Ismail who used to study at SMK(P) St. Mary's, K.L
and also a good friend of mine.

No School....yippee....

Well, the title does not represent me who is still on leave but it represents my second daughter.
Early this morning, she woke up smiling. She bathed, dressed and asked me to prepare her drink for her. Then, it's time for her to go down and wait for her transport. But...after a few minutes, she was back in the house..."nak kencing"...not only that she was also crying complaining that her right leg was painful. Frustrated and angered...I refused to talk to her and told my maid that she was permitted not to go to school.
She looked forlorn and big eyed...staring at me...
BUT....a few minutes later...she was happily playing with her three year old more pain in the leg!!!
(children would go all out with all kinds of excuses just to get whatever they want...hmmh...)

Actually she wanted to ride her scooter but she didn't dare as mommy was very angry...