Monday, 11 May 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's day this year fell on 10th May 2009. But, My siblings and I decided to celebrate a day earlier. Therefore, we sort of made plans....actually we were invited by my youngest sis... to celebrate it at my youngest sis' home in Bangi.
It was a joyous and glorious celebration. It was also double celebration...mama's day and abah's birthday. We had very delicious cooked by my sister and her maid. Then, we had a very very yummy big chocolate strawberry cake which my elder sis bought from Secret Recipe.
I, who do not like to eat my own cooking and also at home, treasure and savour the moment at my sis' house very much. I just couldn't stop myself from having more than enough food until I felt that my tummy would burst. (which is already big and bursting)
As for the kids, my nephews and niece, they too enjoyed the day very much eventhough it was extremely hot!!!!!