Tuesday, 29 April 2008


Here comes the tax paying day all over again! I got my BE form 2 months ago. But being the lazy me, I kept putting it off with sooo many lame excuses. One of my excuse was... I still hadn't gotten my EA form. Hmmm... then, when I was given the EA, I had other excuses...alah...lambat lagilah. There's still plenty of time. Then, suddenly the end of April appears.!!! Cold sweat started coming down my face. Ayo..yo... borang BE tak isi lagilah!!! Again, I gave other excuses for not filling up the form. "Tak pela. Boleh isi pakai e-filing". But my 'takpela' became 'alamak!' when my friends told me that they couldn't send their tax through e-filing. 'it's jammed'...no one could get into the LHDN website. Flustered and flabbergasted... I decided to go home and filled in my form, then sent it by post. However, saved by the day or should I say, saved by beloved hubby, he came home and announced, "don't worry we can send our tax form through e-filing because we have MAXIS Broadband. True...now i can heaved a big sigh of relief because I finally managed to send my tax form....e-filingla, apalagi....: ) Thank u MAXIS. You have really saved my day!!!