Thursday, 25 June 2009

Present Day Kids


This is the girl who is also a bullied victim at her kindie.

Today, very early in the morning, my second girl was crying...refusing to go to school. She was making excuses like having tummy ache, wind and etc.... As a mother (a very typical one), I forced her to take her bath and get her to dress for school. Sobbing away, Aina, dilligently obeyed the 'lioness' mother.
anyway, I knew deep down in my heart that there must be something wrong somewhere because she was really dreading to go to school. But I tried putting the feeling away.
At 11.45 a.m, she returned...although she was smiling and looking happy, there was something not right. So, I asked whether there was anything good or bad had happened in school my horror, she showed me the two finger nails print on her arm. Immediately, I knew that she was pinched again by her friend...this was not the first time.
I wonder...what is happening to the kids nowadays. I didn't have this kind of problem when I was in kindergarten. Don't parents teach their children how to behave? Well, I hope none of my children behave in that manner...I''ll TRY MY VERY BEST TO NURTURE AND TRAIN THEM IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE. INSYALLAH.

She cries very easily

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Aisyah after 2 weeks

How time passes by very quickly. Now, it's more than two weeks after I gave birth to Aisyah , my fourth girl. She has grown heavier and perhaps longer than when she was born. Now, she opens her eyes more often and less crying. However, when she does cry, she'll cry very loudly until she loses her times, she would cry soundlessly. Her sisters adore her and would come running when they know that she's awake. Her third sis loves to kiss her and will try to wake her up...if others are not looking!!!!