Friday, 29 January 2010

Sukantara SMKKJ 2010

On the 29th of January, again for maybe the 12th time, SMK Kampong Jawa held its annual `sukantara'. It was a joyous and yet a tiring day for everyone. The kids were actively involved in five sports items; 100m and 200m runs, long and high jumps and also short part (if I spelt it correctly). Teachers were also very busy running around school making sure that the kids were participating and obeying the school rules and not forgetting making sure all the activities were running as planned. There were shouts of joy and victory heard not only from the students who managed to qualify and get marks for their houses but also from teachers who went all out to support their teams. There was also small arguments among teachers who were not satisfied with some of the rules but it was then forgotten and forgiven.
It was a great day though a bit tiring...a day to enjoy and forget all about school work for a while....

faces of two blue house girls after doing their share of the high jump

200 m...boys

girls waiting for their turns at the high jump ground

yes that's it...go go girl

up up and away

blue house...another wait...but this time at the long jump station

there goes the blue house girl...jump!!!


hey...where is it?....



Pei Ling said...

which house won teacher? ^^
and i think its SHORT PUTT ^^

foodlover said...

Ya ka peiling....thank u for the spelling...hihihi...Yellow la pei house is losing it...maybe without u and syafiq...: D